Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You know you’re really in the Peace Corps when…

  1. your diet is based entirely on rice
  2. you can’t remember how long it’s been since you’ve last washed your hair
  3. you’ve made up names for insects that are so exotic you don’t know what they are
  4. tan lines wash off at the end of the day
  5. you’ve started to sweat in new places; i.e. upper lip
  6. you get excited over clean tap water
  7. foreign language skills are improving from the subtitles in DVDs sold street side
  8. a hot shower rocks your world
  9. hydrocortisone is your new best friend
  10. you’ve started calling out local slang at tourists
  11.  you’ll wear a dirty piece of clothing a dozen times just to avoid hand washing it
  12.  a different sweat rag is designated to each weekday
  13.  you can locate every internet café in a ten mile radius
  14.  body odors don’t bother you anymore
  15.  that visiting household rodent has been given a cute pet name
  16.  being called a yummy dessert means you’re starting to blending in (brownie)
  17.  Burger King and Oreos are the most tempting guilty pleasures
  18.  you’ve read a new book every other week
  19.  you know exactly what spring or river or whatever source your water comes from
  20.  either your hair is growing faster or you are becoming too lazy to shave as often
  21.  you have the most inventive secret hiding places for money
  22.  your love life has become non-existent
  23.  external hard drives are the hot commodity at group events with other volunteers
  24.  you’ve realized all problems can be solved with duct tape
  25.  you no longer refer to the United States as “home”!

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